Cannabis Seeds

There are thousands of different types of seeds that you can buy. There are thousands of different companies that you can buy these seeds off. Cannabis seeds vary in price; you can get 10 seeds that cost £10 or you could get a different pack of seeds that cost £150. I bet you are thinking what is the difference?

Well there are thousands of different strains of cannabis that are available to buy. These strains fall into 3 main categories:

– Indica

– Sativa

– Hybrid (Indica x Sativa)

Indica’s are strains that are genially used for indoor growing as the plants are smaller in height that sativa but more bushy. Indica’s usually having a higher yield. Indica’s have a sleepier chilled out high. They also usually flower in a shorter time than Sativa’s.

Sativa’s are strains that are usually grown outdoors as they grow very tall and thin. These usually have a smaller yield than Indica’s. Sativa’s give you a more active high than Indica’s.

Hybrid (Indica x Sativa) is a cross between an Indica strain and a sativa strain. This will change the genetics of the plant and this will change the yield, height, strength of the bud and the high that is given of the product.

So…you should be able to choose a strain that suits you as most company’s selling seeds give you information about the strain. Now that you know a bit about the cannabis plant I bet you are thinking shit!! Who should I buy my seeds of there is thousands of company’s! Well here is a small guide that shows a couple of the thousands of cannabis Seeds Company’s.

Big Buddha seeds:

A well know company that where the makers of the famous cannabis strain called ‘cheese’. Anyone from the UK should of herd of this strain.

Barneys farm cannabis seeds:

The seed bank from the award winning breakfast bar on Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. They offer a wide range of top quality cannabis seeds.

De Sjamaan cannabis seeds:

Not as well know as most other seeds companies. But they still of a good range of high quality cannabis seeds.

Dutch passion cannabis seeds:

Dutch passion has been developing high quality seeds since 1987; Dutch passion was one of the very first cannabis seed companies. Dutch passion is proud to say that they provide to over 450 head and grow shops all over Europe. Dutch passion seeds have a germination rate of 95%!

DNA genetics cannabis seeds:

Offer great customer service that is online and offline. For some reason the seeds come in packs of 13 cannabis seeds! They offer good high quality cannabis seeds.

The Flying Dutchman cannabis seeds:

Proud to say that there seeds are organically produced and 100% organically grown guaranteed! You get 11 high quality cannabis seeds per packet. They have been producing high quality cannabis seeds since 1998.

KC Brains cannabis seeds:

Winners of Dutch weed cup 2001! These offer a wide range of the very best cannabis strains.

Greenhouse cannabis seeds:

Probably one of the most well known cannabis seed companies! Green house Seed Company is connected to many of the Dutch coffee shops in Netherlands, which makes then ideal for the Dutch cannabis seed market.

High quality cannabis seeds:

They come in packets of 11 cannabis seeds. They offer a wide range of top quality cannabis seeds at affordable prices.

Homegrown fantaseeds cannabis seeds:

A wide range of the more known strains at affordable prices. The cannabis seeds are up to a good standard.

Joint doctor cannabis seeds:

Joint doctor cannabis seeds sells the well know Lowryder and its crosses. High quality is guaranteed with this company.

Lowlife cannabis seeds:

Lowlife cannabis seeds are the specialists in the auto-flowering cannabis seed market. They have over 5 years experience in auto-flowering strain. They offer some quality strains such as Auto AK47.

Magnes genetics cannabis seeds:

The founder of Magnes genetics (Gerrit), has been involved with growing high quality cannabis since 1990. Because of his knowledge of the cannabis plant he had been able to produce some exceptional strains.

Mr nice cannabis seeds:

The famous Mr Nice cannabis seed company offers a wide range of high quality cannabis seeds. They have a wide range of strain available to buy.

Nirvana cannabis seeds:

Importers of F1 cannabis seeds, we advice you check stock before you order as there has been some problems.

Paradise cannabis seeds:

Established since 1999. Proud to be producers of organically grown cannabis seeds. Winners of the highlife cup Holland.